Friday, 20 May 2011

They're new to spin class, and they're LATE!

It's bit of a leap for a new rider to take their first spin class.  Remember your first class? It's intimidating for them.  Many will come a little early to let you know that they're new and welcome your help getting set up. But many new participants often come in when the class has already started.  Do you get off your bike when a new person comes into your class?  Yes even when they're late?  "Well, they're late" you reason, "why should I disrupt the whole class and get off my bike to help this one late comer?" Why?  Because not doing so is neglectful.  Get off your bike and help them set up, your class won't fall apart if you have them continue warming up for a few minutes longer while you quickly tend to this person.  You have no idea who this person is, where they've come from, why they've come.  Perhpas they've been tending to an ailing member of their family, or they've just put their kid in daycare and junior started to act up.  The reason doesn't matter.  Treat them as if they have the best darn reason in the world for being late! So get off your bike and tend to them.  Get one of your regulars to do a cadence check to keep the rest of the class occupied while you look after this new rider.  I promise you it's something they'll always remember.