Sunday, 28 August 2011


It doesn't matter how many kms you've got in your legs,  how many degrees you have or how expensive your bike is. When you're in front of your class empathy is all that matters. How well you understand and are able to share the feelings of the people waiting for your next word.

Monday, 22 August 2011

The Difference between an instructor and a coach - part 3

An instructor listens.
A coach hears you.

An instructor listens and sympathizes.
A coach hears you and acts.

An instructor sees his participant as someone who needs fixing.
A coach sees his athlete as someone to work with.

An instructor lumps everyone together into a "class".
A coach sees "Rita, Joe, Barbara, Judy and Asha".

An instructor loves teaching spin because she gets to burn a few extra calories.
A coach loves teaching spin because of the look of pure joy on the faces of his athletes.

An instructor isn't quite sure what "honouring your participant" means.
A coach not only knows, he lives by it.

An instructor is too busy to talk to management on your behalf.
A coach advocates for you.

Which are you?

Friday, 19 August 2011

Just Listen

I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people today. They asked about C.O.R.E Cycling and what we were about, what made us different, etc.  And while I loved to talk about C.O.R.E, I loved more to be quiet and just listen. To listen to them.
Because in just listening I was able to learn who they were, what they wanted and most important what they needed. 
It's great to talk, but it's greater to just shut up and listen. 

Friday, 12 August 2011

Be a little scared

I've been painting my whole life.  It's what I'm good at, it's what I did at school.
I''ve probably painted 2000 paintings, most are pretty good and some are really great, but
whenever I pick up a brush, even when I just think about painting, I get a little scared.
I feel a little flutter of fear in my gut.  What if I've forgotten how?  What if I can't get my colours mixed right?
Even though I feel this way every single time I'm about to paint, I paint anyway. 
Being a little scared is good.  It makes me question myself just enough to reafirm my commitment.
How many times have you been stopped cold because you're a little scared?
How many works of "art" have you left undone?

Thursday, 11 August 2011

The difference between an instructor and a coach - part 2

An instructor may or may not recertify.
A coach not only keeps his certification up to date, he upgrades.

An instructor gets paid to workout.
A coach gets paid to take her group to the next level.

An instructor tolerates the front desk staff.
A coach gets to know the front desk staff.

An instructor gets annoyed if one or two of his participants look like they're dogging it.
A coach understands that this is their workout and if at times they dog it, that's ok.

An instructor thinks nothing of hopping off her bike to add resistance to one of her participant's bikes.
A coach would never, ever touch someone else's resistance dial.

An instructor knows all the answers.
A coach asks all the questions.

An instructor is all about his riding.
A coach knows that there's so much more than just the riding.

Which are you?

Friday, 5 August 2011

The difference between an instructor and a coach

An instructor shows up for class on time.
A coach comes to class early.

An instructor rifles through his playlist 5 minutes before the ride.
A coach has a ride planned.

An instructor sticks with the chosen ride, regardless of who's in the class.
A coach makes modifications to the planned ride, depending on who's in the class.

An instructor doesn't really concern herself much with learning people's names, after all they come and go.
A coach makes a point of learning people's names, regardless of whether they come or go.

An instructor puts his class through their paces, not really sure as to why.
A coach understands the purpose of each drill.

An instructor calls out cues.
A coach teaches.

An instructor rushes off to her next class.
A coach stays behind to answer questions.

Which are you?

"That's the way we've always done it"

Accepting things as the only way because that's the way we were taught or because everyone else does it that way, doesn't always mean its the best, the smartest or the safest.  Mandatory helmets weren't enforced by the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) until 2003!

Hovers, jumps, isolations, excessive cadences, excessive standing have been a staple in spin classes world wide.

Just because classes are taught this way, doesn't make it ok.  Because it sure as hell isn't best, smart or safe.

Thursday, 4 August 2011


I hate my IpodIt doesn't hold a charge worth sh*t and there's that stupid voice, that stupid computer voice that tells me the name of all my songs, who sings them and what album they're from.  Last week I couldn't get the voice to stop, it went through my entire library, every single song, over 500 of them.

Then there are the voices of the beautiful people, on their bikes, spinning their legs, chatting with one another even when the class has started.  You try several times to raise your own voice above the din, to no avail.  You hesitate, catch the eyes of another participant, a quiet one who with her eyes is telling you "Let's go! We only have an hour!".  You realize you owe it to her to politely ask everyone to be quiet. 

And what about the voice in your head?  The one that tells you "you're not good/smart/strong enough to deserve that", "maybe you shouldn't",  "it's just too hard".

Of all the voices you hear, that last one is the only voice that can get you stuck.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

I Will

I will check that my Ipod is charged the night before a class.

I will keep my Ipod charged for every class.

I will back up my favorite playlists on to cds.

I will never be late for class.

I will always greet new spinners.

I will always help them set up.

I will always remember their names.

I will always make the ride about them.

I will never make the ride about me.

I will always be present.

I will always honour each and every participant.

I will expand my knowledge regarding spinning to always stay current and fresh.

I will change my music and playlists frequently.

I will take time off from teaching spin in order to keep from getting stale.

I will review this list and choose the most important and stick with them.
I'm choosing to go from an ordinary instructor to an extraordinary coach.