Friday, 6 April 2012

Everything I learned about Cycling I learned from an "Old Fart"

1. Don't underestimate an old fart - sub 60 min 40k TT in his mismatched kit kicks ass! (Never judge a book....)
2. Riding is always love #2 - old farts have their priorities right. Taking the wife shopping is priority #1 (if things aren't good at home, your ride will suck anyway).
3. "Ride your own ride" - if the cowboy at the front of the pack pushes the pace, let him go. (He's got something to prove, you don't).
4. Break the hill into thirds - save enough (gear and breath) for the top (break things down into manageable chunks).
5. Don't click up the cog too early on a climb, you'll lose power (be patient and don't underestimate your own strength).
6. Singing on a hill intimidates your cycling buddies (relax through exertion).
7. Imitating farm animals also intimidates your cycling buddies (he's nuts better do what he tells you).
8. Yes you will fall when you first learn to ride clipless - pick yourself up and do it again, and again, and again (if at first you don't succeed...).
9. There are about 15 different ways to get to the same coffee shop, all of them worth riding (so many opinions all worth listening to).
10. If an old fart shows up to the ride in 3 layers, booties, balaclava and 2 pairs of gloves - follow suit. (Experience trumps all).


  1. This is amazing - did you post this on FACEBOOK -- it should be on a t-shirt....

  2. Thanks. I've been meaning to write this for a while. I posted on FB and more importantly on the BCC site where the "old farts" can read it.

  3. Brilliant Clair,
    Here's to hoping we all get to be old farts ....